Keeping an active lifestyle as you grow older is more important than ever. Being active will help you keep your independence, increase movement, improve your mental health, and help with aches and pains.

It is important to keep a regular exercise routine. This can be difficult as you age, because of illness, and concerns about injury.  To ensure exercise becomes a regular part of your life, it is important to make it fun. There are a lot of activities in our local community that can allow you to keep fit and have fun.

Here are just a few of the activities offered to seniors in Eugene Oregon through Eugene RECEnroll
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Aikido Ages 12 & Up
Aikido is a traditional Japanese Martial Art based on non-aggression and non-violent self defense. Classes feature Ki (energy) exercises combined with self-defense techniques in a safe and supportive environment. All levels of students are welcome–beginning to advanced. Classes are taught by Open Sky Aikido Instructor Wayne Vincent.

Main Hall /Kitchen Amazon Community Center

Bike Riding for Fun and Fitness
Bike riders depart rain or shine from Campbell Center for in-town rides. Helmets required; weekly attendance is not. Rides vary in length and time depending on ability. Drop-in. Meets at 10:30am Oct-Apr; 9:30am May-Sept.

Parking Lot Campbell Community Center

Chair Yoga
Feel better through movement. Experience release from stress and fatigue through this gentle yoga approach designed to accommodate people with physical limitations. This class is taught while you are sitting in a chair.

Main Hall & Kitchen Petersen Barn Community Center

Fitness Boot Camp
Are you ready for a new fitness routine? At Boot Camp you’ll take a step toward becoming healthier and fit! The workouts will vary and will include interval training, core strengthening, cardio conditioning, Tabata, plyometrics, stretching and more. You’ll sweat, pant and laugh while toning and firming muscles. Instructor: Michelle Lewis

Main Hall & Kitchen Petersen Barn Community Center

Gentle Exercises Age 50 & Up
Increase your flexibility and tone muscles, feel more energetic and have a good time with a supportive group of peers. This low-intensity course is for the first-time exerciser or participant recovering from an injury. Instructor will work with you to meet individual needs. Drop-in participation welcome for $4 per class.

Elsie’s Room Campbell Community Center

Land Fitness – Dryland Arthritis
This class is designed specifically for people with arthritis. Learn to use gentle movements to increase flexibility and maintain muscle strength. Also helps reduce stiffness and pain. All are welcome.

Indoor Pool Echo Hollow Pool & Fitness Center

Line Dance, Beginning 45 & Up
Great low impact exercise and a great brain workout, too! You should know basics of line dancing such as shuffle steps, grapevines, pivot turns or have completed beginning line dance. No partner is necessary. Wear loose, cool clothing and shoes that will slide on the floor. Two levels offered.

Main Hall Campbell Community Center

Qi Gong for Health
Qi Gong is a self-healing art that combines movement and meditation. Regular practice of Qi Gong can reduce stress, establish balance and integrate mind/body/spirit. This practice is best known for a focus on breathing and is used as a healing exercise.

Studio B Amazon Community Center

Tai Chi for Balance
This specially designed class focuses on the health benefits for people with mobility and balance problems. Gentle exercise in the form of Tai Chi strengthen muscles and improves stamina, blood circulation, balance and relaxation. No prior knowledge of Tai Chi is necessary. Open to people, young and old, with or without mobility problems. Instructor: James Moffat

Green Room Sheldon Community Center

The Small Dog Walkers 50 & Up
You need a walk just as much as your dog. Join this group of small dog owners on a 1-2 mile weekly walk. Meet new people, enjoy the beauty along the river, and get some exercise without knowing it. All dogs must be non-aggressive; non-dog-owners welcome.

Patio Campbell Community Center

Water Fitness – Aquatic Body Conditioning
This buoyancy-supported, deep water exercise will help you increase muscle strength and tone by using water resistance and equipment.

Indoor Pool Echo Hollow Pool & Fitness Center

Water Fitness – Arthritis H2O Exercise
This class can help people with arthritis exercise, reduce pain, and improve flexibility and strength. This fun class is taught in shallow water, and is excellent for those with general muscle or joint stiffness and/or chronic pain.

Indoor Pool Echo Hollow Pool & Fitness Center

Zumba Gold Ages 50 & Up
Party yourself into shape with this latin dance-inspired fitness program that is low-impact and easy to follow. Zumba Gold is a gentler version of Zumba for those wanting to try a new fitness activity or with joint or muscle stiffness or pain.

Main Hall Campbell Community Center

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